Personalised and Custom Security Holograms

HoloSec is a UK-based company


Holograms protect your products from counterfeiting. These specially imprinted holographic stickers help people to identify the difference between genuine and counterfeited products.

Our main goal is to provide the highest security holograms for small and middle-sized enterprises.

We provide holograms featuring your logo with minimum orders as low as 500 units

Have you ever wondered why the largest companies in the world use holograms on their products? Why they are used on banknotes, government documents and credit cards? Our holograms cannot be copied by any polygraphic method, and are completely tamper-proof.

All holograms provided by HoloSec are high-security and personalised. Your product will not only benefit from being resistant to counterfeiting but also enjoy improved presentation. Our technology allows us to provide personalised holograms from as little as 500 units. Call us now to request free samples and see the quality of our holograms for yourself.

Hologram facts:

- Cannot be scanned by computer.
- Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier.
- Cannot be removed and reapplied without complete destruction (tamper evident).
- Provides quick and easy optical product authentication.
- Enhances packaging appeal.
- Improves consumer brand awareness.


We are able to produce any kind of hologram for You

HoloSec Running Design Holographic Master


companies trust us

In the year 2020 over 380 businesses used our holograms

All holograms we use are created with award winning KineMax technology. This allows us to create holograms with extremely high resolution (up to 120 000 dpi) and various unique holographic effects. Today KineMax technology is used worlwide.

We specialise in personalised holograms in small batches. Our team of designers can create personalised hologram designs in a few hours from receiving your enquiry. In 2020 we supplied holograms to more than 380 varied organizations: from small, self-employed enterprises, through to big businesses and government agencies and banks.

Personalised Holograms

Personalised Holograms Examples

- Production time only 5 days.
- Minimum batch 500 pieces.
- No holographic master cost.
- 5 different hologram designs in 6 colors (check below).
- Available sizes: 20 mm x 20 mm and ∅ 20 mm.
- Self adhesive sticker.
- Tamper evident.

Custom Holograms

- Production time 30 days.
- Minimum batch 30 000 pieces.
- Visible hologram trial master in just 7 days.
- 6 colors of holographic foil.
- Available in any size.
- Self adhesive sticker or hot stamping foil.
- Tamper evident.


Our express service provides smaller batches of personalised holograms in only five days by applying your company’s logo to an existing holographic base.

Holograms created by our design team are exclusively sold by HoloSec and are IHMA registered (International Hologram Mastering Association).

Click image for examples.


Prices do not include VAT

Quantity Personalised Holograms Custom Holograms add holographic master £800 Shipping £4,99
500 130 - Royal Mail logo
1 000 200 -
2 000 270 -
3 000 350 -
4 000 440 -
5 000 500 -
10 000 810 -
15 000 990 -
20 000 1100 -
30 000 1730 1400
40 000 1870 1520
50 000 2310 1910
100 000 3570 2670
300 000 - 5590
500 000 - 8970
1 000 000 - 14850


How to order personalised holograms


From 500 pieces

  • How to order icon

    Client's artwork (logo)

  • How to order icon

    Client chooses
    shape and color

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    Our project

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How to order custom holograms


Over 30 000 pieces

  • How to order icon

    Client's artwork (logo)

  • How to order icon

    Our design

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    Sample Holograms

  • How to order icon

    Our project

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